Imported Garage Doors

Mirrored Aluminium Garage Doors

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Steel Sectional Garage Doors with Polyurethane

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  • Increase the functional advantages of the door that covers the largest opening in any home
  • Improve the convenience, security and safety of your home.
  • Double sided steel panels with high density environment friendly polyurethane centre filling for maximum:
    • Noise reduction
    • Increase in thermal properties
    • Wind and draught resistance
    • Steel reinforcement for additional panel strength
    • Additional strength and durability
  • No or low maintenance required on doors. Colours can be changed with local QD enamel paint
  • Available in white and simulated wooden door effect
  • All doors available for single, double or custom opening opening garage doors with or without windows
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How to measure your garage door

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The following are Important dimensions required for your garage doors. Once you have taken the measurements you can order your garagedoor online for self installation or contact us for some helpfull advice on the best door for your needs. We also do installations in the Gauteng area. add Sketch of Door Openings from catalogue, and dimensions if possible

Measurement Guide


  • [B] Single Door: 2440mm Brick to Brick width of opening.
  • [B] Double Door: 4880 mm Brick to Brick width of opening.
  • [C] All Doors: 2100mm Maximum height from floor to underside of lintel
  • [D & E] 250mm Minimum side room clearance (Clear space on the side pillars)
  • [A] 400mm Minimum headroom from underside of lintel to lowest point of ceiling.
  • [F] 220V Plug point 3 metres from front of garage door

Note: This measurement must be the same throughout the length of the garage. Check for obstructions, beams or sloping ceilings. Sloping ceilings take this measurement at the lowest point of slope in the ceiling.

Roller Shutter & Roll Up Doors
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  • We stock roll up garage doors in white or brown colour.
  • Roll-up shutter doors are ideal for mini warehouse, shop fronts and storage facilities
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Automation systems
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  • Garage Door Motors or Automation Systems from Doorking are built to last and are reliable quality products. All our systems come complete with remotes and carraiges. Battaery backups for those Power Outages / load shedding moments is an optional feature on all Doorking systems.
  • Doorking remotes can control up to four doors /gate from a single remote.
  • Available in 1000Nm and 1500Nm
  • Stockists of ET and Centurion Swing and Sliding gate motors with battery backup for power outages.